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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Heroman [HDTVRip]

Main Title: Heroman
Official Title: ヒーローマン
Synonym: Perhaps no
Type: TV Series, 26 episodes
Year: 01.04.2010 till ?
Categories: Action, Aliens, Mecha, SciFi, Shounen 
Main creators: Bones, Nanba Hitoshi, Yamatoya Akatsuki, Koyama Shigeto, Kawamoto Toshihiro, Tomioka Takashi

Description: An American kid named Joey lives in an urban city and has always wanted to become a hero. Unfortunately he is just an orphan working part time to support his grandma and himself. After watching a toy commercial on a new robot action figure, Joey comes to believe that he will gain strength once he obtains one of those. But the only robot toy he can get his hands on is a broken one that was abandoned by a rich school bully. Feeling pity for the trashed action figure, Joey takes the toy home to repair it. Little did he know, that once he repairs the toy, it will make his hero dream become reality.

* Based on an original idea by American comic book writer Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four.

TI: D-TX, h264, 1280x720, 23.976 fps, aac 2ch 192+


Download: ep 1-13

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