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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Manie-Manie: Meikyuu Monogatari Movie (1989) [HDTVRip]

Main Title: Manie-Manie: Meikyuu Monogatari
Official Title: Manie-Manie 迷宮物語
Synonym: Labirinto Istorijos, Labyrinth Tales, Manie-Manie: Labyrinth Tales, Neo Tokyo, Лабиринт сновидений
Type: Movie, 3 movies (Compiled)
Year: 15.04.1989
Categories: horror, novel, science fiction, short movie
Main creators: Mayumura Taku, Kawajiri Yoshiaki, Ootomo Katsuhiro, Rintarou, Fukushima Atsuko, Mickie Yoshino, Maruyama Masao

Description:  An omnibus that consists of three short anime films based on the short stories written by Sci-Fi novelist Mayumura Taku: "Labyrinth Labyrinthos" (the screenplay and direction by Rintarou), "The Running Man" (the screenplay, direction and character design by Kawajiri Yoshiaki) and "Order To Stop Construction" (the screenplay, direction and character design by Ootomo Katsuhiro).

Labyrinth Labyrinthos
A girl and her cat fall through a looking-glass into a dark labyrinth full of strange creatures.

Running Man
In the distant future, a tough racer uses psychokinetic powers against the opponents during his final race.

The Order to Stop Construction
A snooty salaryman is sent to the jungle by his bosses to stop a completely automated construction job, and spends several days there arguing with the robots.

Source: ANN

TI: HDTVRip, h264, 1920x1036, 23.976 fps, 11.2 Mbps; AAC, 2ch, 48KHz, 141 kbps


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  1. Hey, can you please give a link for the English subs for this?