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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Deadman Wonderland TV+OVA (2011) [BDRip]

Main Title: Deadman Wonderland
Official Title: デッドマン・ワンダーランド
Synonym: Страна чудес смертников
Type: TV Series, 12 episodes + OVA
Year: 17.04.2011 till 03.07.2011 + 08.10.2011
Categories: action, contemporary fantasy, dystopia, manga, science fiction, shounen, tragedy, violence
Main creators: Kataoka Jinsei, Kondou Kazuma, Hatsumi Kouichi, Kojima Hirokazu, Yamada Masaki, Narasaki, Manglobe

Description:  A massive earthquake ravaged Japan's mainland and destroyed most of Tokyo, sinking three-quarters of it into the ocean. Ten years later, the story starts with Igarashi Ganta, a seemingly ordinary, unassuming middle school student attending Nagano Prefecture's middle school. An escapee, a survivor of the great earthquake, Ganta has no memories of the tragedy and has lived a simple, normal life. This all changes one day when a strange man covered in blood and crimson armour appears, floating, out of his classroom windows. Smirking madly, this Red Man massacres Ganta's entire class and, instead of killing him, embeds a red crystal shard in his chest. Within days of the massacre, Ganta is declared the sole suspect and, following a suspiciously quick trial, is sentenced to death and imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland, a massive theme-park-like prison.

* Based on a manga written by Kataoka Jinsei and illustrated by Kondou Kazuma, serialised in Shounen Ace.

TI: BDRip, h264, 1920x1080, 23.976 fps, 8450 kbps; Flac, 2ch, 48KHz, 620 kbps



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