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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Aa! Megami-sama! (2011) [DVDRip]

Main Title: Aa! Megami-sama! (2011)
Official Title: ああっ女神さまっ (2011)
Synonym: Ah My Goddess - Itsumo Futari de, Ah! My Goddess! (2011)
Type: OVA, 3 episodes
Year: 2011-2013
Categories: contemporary fantasy, deity, fantasy, manga, seinen
Main creators: AIC, A.P.P.P, Fujishima Kousuke, Gouda Hiroaki, Matsubara Hidenori, Inomata Masami, Hamaguchi Shirou.

Description:  Keiichi finds out that the amusement park he once went to with Belldandy is about to close down. He then asks Belldandy to go there with him, to the place significant within their memories. It is a rare chance for the two to be alone together, and Belldandy is extremely pleased. However, Belldandy's expanding powers are causing the Goddess' existence to disappear from Earth.

While the unsuspecting Belldandy and nervous Keiichi are enjoying themselves, Urd and Skuld are developing a counter-plan.

TI: DVDRip, h264, 10 bit, 1280x720, 23.976 fps, ~3500 kbps; Flac, 2ch, 48KHz, ~720 kbps


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