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Saturday, April 30, 2016

W-Wish TV (2004) [DVDRip]

Main Title: W Wish
Official Title: W ~ウィッシュ~
Synonym: Double Wish, W: Wish, Двойное желание, ダブルウィッシュ, 더블 위시
Type: TV Series, 13 episodes
Year: 03.10.2004 till 26.12.2004
Categories: game, half-length episodes, harem, high school, school life, seinen, visual novel
Main creators: Princess Soft, Picture Magic, Trinet Entertainment, Sekita Osamu, Hasegawa Katsumi, Nitta Yasunari, Sakai Ryou

Description:  Junna is an ordinal student of an elite school. However, surviving a gruesome traffic accident in the past deprives him of his parents and due to trauma he lost his memory. Though looked after by his relatives, Junna lives alone with his twin sister Senna. The life with her, in the same high school, is so pleasant that he can almost forget the horrific past. However, he begins to recall the memories he lost in the accident. What is the truth hidden in these memories?

Note: This anime was aired together with Final Approach during a TV program called Princess Hour.

TI: DVDRip, h264, 768x576, 29.970 fps, 1650 kbps; AC3, 2ch, 48KHz, 384 kbps


Download: W-Wish (2004)

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